Blue Washed Wall


Each plate served with 2 tacos; rice and beans on the side

Chef Kyle's Pork Belly Tacos ... $17

Braised HNG pork belly topped with crispy potato strings, pico de gallo, garlic aioli and manchego

Chicken Tacos ... $14

BBQ crema, corn salsa, crispy shallot and chili oil


Barbacoa ... $16


Tacos ... $17

Pickled red onion, cotija and salsa verde

Charred onion mayo, spicy pickled peppers, pineapple, radish and cilantro

Carnitas Taco.... $16


HNG Brisket

Tacos ... $16

Jicama and cabbage slaw, pineapple and habanero salsa

House hot sauce, crema and our cabbage jicama slaw

Vegan Tacos ... $14

Fish Tacos ... $Market

Seared avocado, jicama and cabbage slaw, refried beans, corn salsa with our salsa verde

Ask about our Fresh Fish and garnish,

served with rice and beans