Blue Washed Wall


Burrito Bowl ... $17

Rice,  beans, & your choice of protein topped with pico de gallo, citrus tossed jicama slaw, cotija cheese, salsa verde, & cilantro-lime crema

*Make it a burrito with your choice of flour or jalapeño cheddar wrap for an additional $2

Enchiladas ... $19

Two flour tortillas stuffed with your choice of ground beef or tinga chicken, hand rolled smothered in poblano sauce and Monterey Jack cheese then baked served with Jasmine rice, pico de gallo, & corn salsa


Enchiladas ... $19

Two corn tortillas stuffed with vegan black bean-potato, hand rolled smothered in poblano sauce then baked

Chimichanga ... $18

Monterey Jack cheese, rice, black beans, pico de gallo, and your choice of protein rolled in flour tortilla served with jicama slaw, corn puree, & cilantro-lime crema

Carne Asada ... $28

Pineapple-beer marinated teres major pan seared, basted in lemon Mexican oregano infused oil then sliced. Topped with fajita pepper & onion, served over roast vegetables, & garlic aioli

Carnitas ... $16

Slow roasted pork shoulder shredded then pan seared served with pico de gallo, corn salsa, rice, beans, & two flour tortillas drizzled in cilantro-lime crema

Fish... Market Price

Chipotle glazed, then pan roasted finished in mezcal-lime creme served with citrus tossed jicama slaw & jalapeño manchego hush puppies