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Deep fried and savory dough filled with chef's choice of ingredients served with cilantro-lime crema


Flour tortillas, Monterrey Jack corn salsa, black beans, & your choice of protein served with a side of cilantro-lime crema

Charred Green Beans ... $14

Fresh snipped, pan seared in a chipotle butter tossed in cotija 

Loaded Nachos ... $13

House made tortilla chips smothered in queso then topped with black beans, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, and grated cotija cheese *Add protein for an additional $6 (Vegan Available)

Chorizo Stuffed Avocados ... $17

Fresh, quartered avocado pan seared topped with chorizo, melted Monterrey Jack, pico de gallo, cotija cheese, and cilantro-lime crema (Vegan Available) 

Street Corn ... $11

Deep fried, cut in half, coated in chipotle aioli then topped with pico de Gallo and cotija cheese. *Available off the cob

Chorizo Mussels ... $21

Sauteed in chipotle salsa with red wine, topped with pico de Gallo & Cotija. Served with house made bread & lime wedges

Soups and Salads

Taco Salad...$15

Cucumber Chimichurri...$14

Chopped romaine topped with pico de Gallo, corn salsa, black beans, bacon crumble, cojita cheese, with your choice of creamy chipotle aioli or cilantro-lime vinaigrette served in flour tortilla bowl. *Add protein for an additional $6

Sliced English cucumber, red onion, grape tomato, and baby arugula tossed in herb-red wine vinaigrette. *Add protein for an additional $6

Side proteins...$6

Vegan options...$6

Pastor pork




Ground beef


Tinga chicken 


Gardein Chicken

Morningstar Chorizo


Caldo del dia...$11

Soup of the day-- ask your server for details


Chimichurri Cucumber 

Side Salad

Jicama Slaw 

Charred Green Beans

Jasmine Rice and Black Beans

Refried Beans 

Tortilla Chips

Jalapeno-Manchego Hush Puppy

Additional Two Tortillas...$2

Fajita Pepper-Onion...$3